Photographs by Kevin Bubriski

“I had heard much about the Maoists and the People’s War over the past fourteen years and I knew only the gruesome images of war from both sides of the conflict.

This collection of portraits lets us see individual PLA combatants and know each person’s name, district and age. Each portrait represents just a brief moment in the subject’s life, a moment after the war and after four years of cantonment life. And a moment before any final decisions had been made about the individual or collective destiny of the PLA combatants.

May this collection of photographs help all people of Nepal understand that along with the collective identities of ethnic, economic, geographical and political affiliation are individual lives in the balance.”
—Kevin Bubriski

“Bubriski’s empathetic portraits of these young men and women…allow us to think about the meanings of past; they create a visual, historical record of a time of remarkable transformations in the history of Nepal. Perhaps they will also spark interest in understanding the motivations and lives of this young generation, and new ways of imagining a future for Nepal at a time of profound social and political change.”
—Toby Alice Volkman